Writer Looks To Explore Triality Of Man

"I got the idea when watching a rerun of 'Three's Company'"

IOWA CITY, IA – Aspiring writer Anton Merkower believes he will write the great American novel by exploring an aspect of society seldom broached. Anton will look at the triality of man, instead of the standard duality of man found in much of literature.

“The whole duality of man thing has been done to death,” Anton said. “Good versus evil, sinner versus saint, city mouse versus country mouse. It’s time to expand what the story and our imagination can do.”

Anton, currently in his second year at the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop, hopes to portray the three sides of man, rather than the basic two. His novel, “Poseidon’s Lament”, tells the story of three generations of men who each join the armed forces and participate in different wars.

“You’ve got a grandfather, dad, and son. That’s three. And they join the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Another three. That represents the land, sea, and sky, another triad. This also covers America’s ascent, dominance, and downfall, which is another triality,” Anton said. “I’m telling you, three is going to be hot, hot, hot.”

“Anton is a special student,” Anton’s thesis supervisor Professor Bill Hendricks said. “It’s groovy what he’s trying to do, you know? It’s different. He’s thinking outside of the box.”

“I’m reinventing the box!” Anton said when he heard his professor’s words. “Boxes have six sides, which is three too many. Man has three sides: the outside, the inside, and another inside, not the gross guts one. They’re all in conflict.”

“There’s the beginning, middle, and end. That’s the triality of man. I’m hoping to turn my book into a trilogy.”

Anton hopes to start writing as soon as he gets a movie deal.


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