FBI Agent Concerned with Surge in Searches for Osama Bin Laden

"Wait, you mean he's dead? We got him? Oh, thanks for telling me, guys! I'm going on vacation."

QUANTICO, VA – FBI Special Agent Normand Hubert expressed alarm when he realized that Internet searches for Osama bin Laden more than quadrupled earlier today.

“All of a sudden everyone is searching for bin Laden. He’s blowing up!” Hubert said. “There’s been lots of ‘chatter,’ that’s what we call it. People everywhere are searching for bin Laden, al Qaeda, and ‘dead’. It’s really unnerving.”

After seeing the up-tick in activity Hubert ran to his supervisor and his teammates. “I could barely talk to them,” Hubert said. “They were popping champagne and celebrating for some reason. This could be of national importance, but they’re just partying. Frankly, it’s no wonder we haven’t caught the guy yet.”


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