Scientists Discover Area In Eye That Stores Sarcasm

"I'd NEVER want to marry Justin Beiber, OMG!"

URBANA, IL – Scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have discovered a region in the human eye that, when activated by rolling ones eyes, produces sarcasm.

“The mystery of where sarcasm comes from is a mystery no more,” lead researcher Janice Favela said. “After much study we have concluded that a specific movement of the eye causes a release of a chemical in the brain, resulting in sarcasm.”

As part of their study, Janice and her team brought in ten twelve-year-old girls and asked them very particular questions about activities they knew the girls would hate.

“We asked the girls if they enjoyed doing homework or eating vegetables. Around ninety-nine percent would roll their eyes and offer a very sarcastic answer,” Favela said. “It started to hurt my feelings.”

After more testing and MRIs, the scientists found a part of the eye near the optic nerve that lit up when an eye roll took place. The optic disc would connect with the macula in the back of the eye, triggering an electrochemical response in the brain that released Sarcasium, a new compound discovered by the scientists.

“The eye must roll in a clockwise motion,” Favela continued. “If the eyes are rolled in a counter-clockwise direction the subject will give a very sincere response.”

When asked if she hopes to win a Nobel prize for her work, Favela responded with a big sigh and eye roll, saying that she didn’t care at all about prizes and money and just did her work for her love of science.


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