Monthly Archives: April 2011

Oprah Builds School for Orphan Socks

"Free lint removers for all!"


Man Takes Out Anger on Carton of Orange Juice

Shaken Carton Syndrome affects thousands of juice boxes a year.

Quill From Magic Goose Revealed To Be Source Of Shakespeare’s Genius

My favorite Shakespeare stage direction: "Exit, pursued by a bear."

OXFORD, ENGLAND – Scholars have made a startling discovery on the eve of William Shakespeare’s birthday. According to recently unearthed documents, Shakespeare’s genius could be attributed to a feather from a magic goose. Continue reading

Report: 79% Of People Erase Whole Word Instead Of Fixing One Wrong Letter

I mean who has the time to go in and fix one wrong letter. Might as well rewrite the whole word.


SEATTLE, WA – Starbucks introduced a new Kids’ Menu today, hoping children will enjoy the new lineup of kid-friendly, caffeine-heavy drinks.

Typo Leads To Countless Deaths

"Hurry up you guys! The sand won't be here forever!"

Lounge Singer Having Hard Time With Cutbacks

She just presses play for one of the preprogrammed songs.