Kevin Bacon Tired Of Getting Resumes From Strangers

"Please go ask Samuel L. Jackson. He's been in, like, twice as many movies as me."

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Kevin Bacon reported he is tired of receiving resumes and cover letters from complete strangers who claim to be connected to the actor by six degrees of separation or less.

“Stop sending me your resumes,” the star of Footloose said. “I hardly know most of these people. Jorge Montoya? I mean, sure, there’s a guy named Montoya at the plant nursery where Kyra [Sedgwick, the actor’s wife] buys her flowers. Maybe Jorge is his son or something. But he’s looking for a job as an accountant. What’s he asking me for?”

Bacon, who has been featured in over fifty films, has said he is inundated with requests.

“I know the economy’s in trouble,” he admitted. “But just because you have a tenuous-at-best connection to me, that doesn’t mean I can help out. I’m sorry, but that’s the reality of the situation.”

Bacon receives over one hundred resumes a week, most from friends-of-friends or relatives of friends. One resume was from a man who once catered a party for a movie starring an actor who appeared in A Few Good Men.

“I got one resume from a young woman who was the daughter of a publicist to a production company in Australia that worked with Russell Crowe who knows Ron Howard who directed Apollo 13, which I was in,” Bacon said. “She wants to be a marine biologist. It’s crazy.”

Bacon said he cannot keep up and hopes people will stop contacting him. He pulled out one resume from one of the many piles that litter his desk.

“‘Dear Kevin, we worked together years ago and I was hoping you could help me out,’” Bacon read. “‘Remember Tremors? That was a great movie. What do you say doing another one? Best, Fred Ward.’”

“It’s just getting sad at this point,” he added.


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