Volkswagen Wins Super Bowl

According to polls, everyone hated the halftime Baby Black Eyed Peas ad

DALLAS, TX – In a stunning victory, car company Volkswagen won yesterday’s Super Bowl with their commercial for the 2012 Passat.

The commercial shows a child dressed as Darth Vader trying to use the Force to move certain objects around his house. As he attempts to move the 2012 Volkswagen Passat, the child’s father uses the remote ignition button to start the car. The little Vader, surprised, believes the Force is with him.

Analysts point the move was key to Volkswagen’s success in the game. “This clinched it for Volkswagen,” commentator Terry Bradshaw said. “It was a deft move and you could tell a lot of thought and planning went into this play.”

“Volkswagen really went out there early on and made some power plays,” Troy Aikmen, former quarterback and Fox commentator said. “It was solid offense. They did get lucky as other commercials’ messages got intercepted by poor marketing, but you have to hand it to Volkswagen for starting out with strong momentum.”

The Volkswagen commercial faced stiff competition, notably from the trailers for the new Transformers and the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Super 8, some comical Doritos and Bud Light commercials, and an impressive Chevrolet commercial in the second half.

“The ‘Imported from Detroit’ commercial from Chevy and Eminem turned the tide a bit,” ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowskisaid. “It looked like Chevy was making a comeback. That was a poignant commercial and just really well done, but it couldn’t hold out against Volkswagen’s memorable ad.”

Not everyone was a fan of the Volkswagen commercial. “I didn’t think it sold the car well,” sports commentator Joe Buck said. “It was cute and all, but lots of cars have remote ignition. I liked the Go Daddy commercials myself.”

Tension built late in the second half when Bridgestone debuted their commercial “Good Carma,” which featured a beaver helping out a motorist. Though that ad won high marks, Volkswagen came in at the very end with their ad for the 2012 Beetle. That commercial, following a CGI beetle zipping through underbrush, was a fun and intriguing ad, according to analysts.

“After that Beetle commercial everyone knew the game was over,” Don Banks of Sports Illustrated said. “It was only a matter of running the clock down. But at that point everyone realized that Volkswagen just had a great game and they deserved to win.”

In related news, a football game happened between commercials.


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