Haunted Bananaphone Keeps Ringing

The bananaphone is slightly less annoying than the tangerine CB radio, which keeps asking, "Orange you glad I didn't say 'banana'?"

PENSACOLA, FL – A haunted bananaphone, unplugged for more than ten years, keeps ringing for no reason.

“The phone rings day and night,” Dolores Browne, the owner of the bananaphone, said. “I keep it in the shed where I can’t hear it, but it’s always making a sound.”

The bananaphone, purchased in a Brazilian market, acts on its own whims, ringing, yinging, pinging, and boop-a-dooping at all hours.

“I’ve tried everything,” Dolores said. “I’ve called botanists, my priest, my grandson. No one knows what to do. I tried getting a hold of the telephone company, but I’m always put on hold.”

The haunted bananaphone has also caused trouble for others. One time the phone ordered pizza to the house. Another time the bananaphone managed to call the White House, getting through to the President.

“My bananaphone bill is through the roof!” Dolores said.

Once, Dolores answered the ringing but only heard the cackling of monkeys.

Dolores said she does not have the heart to throw the bananaphone away because of its sentimental value. Though, if the bananaphone continues to constantly ring, she may simply eat it.


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