Monthly Archives: February 2011

Martin Sheen Just Shaking His Head

"I have no son," he was heard muttering. Emilio Estevez responded by pouting.


Mighty Hunter Wears Latest Trophy As Headdress

He also gained the animal's soul after eating its heart.

NBA To Discontinue Traveling Penalty

Referees will still make the rolling arms motion, because they like doing that.

NEW YORK, NY – The National Basketball Association has decided they will no longer penalize players for traveling, or moving with the ball without dribbling. Continue reading

Laughing Alone Makes Area Woman Sad

Luckily, it happened while she was watching 'The Office,' so her mixed emotions were apt.

Bag Of Candy Left In Office Break Room Barely Lasts Ten Minutes

"Vultures, all of them!" said the guy who left the candy there in the first place so people would take them.

Lazy Teachers Call For More Film Adaptations Of Classic Books

"And make the movies long! The longer the better!"

HOLLYWOOD, CA – The nation’s overburdened and burnt-out schoolteachers marched on Hollywood yesterday, demanding that more classic books be turned into movies. Continue reading

Renegade Cop Shoots And Asks Questions At Same Time

"Do you *BANG* feel lucky *BANG* punk *BANG*?"