Obama To Announce His Oscar Picks At State Of The Union

"My fellow Americans, if Toy Story 3 does not win Best Animated Feature I will bomb Disney World."

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During tonight’s State of the Union address, President Obama is expected to announce who he thinks will win at this year’s Academy Awards.

The President is expected to talk about the economy, job creation, and alternative energy initiatives, among other topics. But the country is holding their breath for the main event: the Commander-in-Chief’s forecasts on who will go home with Oscar gold.

“The President is very excited to lay out the odds for this year’s Oscars,” Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told reporters. “We are very fortunate the Academy released their list of nominations this morning. Because of this, Barack is refining his speech right now.”

Washington insiders believe the President will not deviate from the conventional wisdom and he will pick mostly front-runners in the race. Many believe he will pick The Social Network for Best Picture and David Fincher for Best Director.

“The President will not comment on some awards, like Best Makeup, Sound Editing, or Short Films. No one cares about those,” Burton said.

Analysts are already preparing for a big response after the speech, with office pools around the nation to be altered by the president’s remarks.

The Republicans are busy preparing their response, to be held immediately following the State of the Union, though it is unclear exactly what they will say. One Republican insider has hinted that their picks will be the exact opposite of the President’s. “If he picks The Social Network we’ll pick The King’s Speech,” the Republican operative said. “But I hope we both pick Inception for Best Screenplay. Man, was that movie awesome.”

The 83rd annual Academy Awards are scheduled for Sunday, February 27. In familiar fashion, the Hollywood elite are expected to hardly mention movies at all, and will instead talk about the state of the union.


2 responses to “Obama To Announce His Oscar Picks At State Of The Union

  1. //show me a good that perfect movie’ .. then i go with you..//I also feel the movie is good. But the acitng in his movies are like Selvaraghavan movie acitng. Kinda artificial

  2. 4th paragraph ma yes shcaamarna ko pani khasai auchitye rahana chaina hunu parne ma asttityorahane chaina, huna gayeko ma chyama ! Kripaya sachyayera padhidinu hola.

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