God Speaks To Humanity: “You’re Welcome It’s Friday”

"And thus spoke the Lord: Applebee's is where it's at!"

A PARTING OF THE HEAVENS – The voice of God boomed out today at 12:43 EST, finally acknowledging all of humanity’s prayers thanking Him that it is Friday.

The clouds parted and rays of light shone down from above when God spoke to all of humanity. “I know the work week is tough,” the Lord said. “Believe Me, when I created Light, the Earth, the Air, and the Sea, and all of the creatures that dwell in it, I was beat. And I did all that in five days, give or take.”

“I know you’re all looking forward to the weekend, as you do every Friday,” God said. “And I know you’ve been thanking Me for a long time, so I just wanted to pop by and say ‘You’re welcome.’ That yes, I am still listening.”

“Well, some of the time,” he added.

Then, to show His divine might, God set fire to all the TGIF restaurants, laughing as He did so.


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