Animals Filming Their Own Version Of ‘The Walking Dead’

They're not dead, they're just really method.

EVERYWHERE – Animals across the globe are dying in droves, leaving humans scratching their heads. But recent reports have come in offering something of an explanation. It turns out animals are filming their own version of the AMC hit The Walking Dead.

After viewing call sheets and reading scouting reports online, film watchers have begun to notice a trend. “I started putting pieces together. I read about a casting call looking for ‘Aviary Extras’ and it said they’d be required to wear lots of blood makeup,” Harry Knowles of the popular movie gossip website Ain’t It Cool News said. “Then I heard through sources that famed bird director Raven Spielbird was going to be producing a ‘Horror TV Series,’ it all fell into place.”

To further confirm the rumors, photos from the set have been leaked to, showing what appears to be a small flock of robins fighting zombie blue jays. The title associated with the photos is known only as “Project Matheson,” which is believed to be a reference to the author of the short story “I Am Legend,” a post-apocalyptic tale that has been adapted into many films.

“This is probably just a viral stunt,” Nikki Finke of said. “We’ve seen this before like withCloverfield. In fact, this could also be hype for J.J. Abrams’s next movie Super 8. But it’s more likely this is for the bird series.”

And in the time-honored Hollywood tradition of competing similar projects, it appears that the world’s fish, who are also dying en masse, are also looking to capitalize on the zombie trend. “All signs point to another Armageddon vs. Deep Impact summer,” Finke continued. “Sometimes the lack of originality is downright terrifying.”



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