Baby Due December 25th Trying To Wait At Least One Month

The baby was seen starting "War and Peace," which meant he was in it for the long haul.PORTLAND, OR – A baby due to be born on December 25 is doing everything he can to avoid having his birthday on Christmas.

“Of all the days to be born, I get Christmas,” the baby said. “That’s the worst. You get no attention, only one set of presents. It’s terrible.”

Many kids with birthdays in the month of December complain that their special day is overshadowed by the holiday season.

To try and not be born the fetus has reduced its kicking to a minimum and has fastened his umbilical cord into a makeshift seatbelt.

“I’m strapped in tight,” the baby said. “I’m hoping to hold out until at least a month later. But with any luck I’ll get New Years Day, which isn’t much better.”

“Maybe the doctors don’t really know. I mean, how can they have such an exact date?” the baby asked. “I’m just so upset. I’ll never forgive my parents for this.”

When asked how the parents felt about their son being born on December 25, they had an answer at the ready.

“It’s a Christmas miracle,” they said.


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