Partygoers Afraid To Ask Danny Glover If He’s Danny Glover For Fear Of Being Racist

"I loved you in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Mr. Poitier."

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Attendees at a local party here in Hollywood were afraid to ask veteran actor Danny Glover if he was indeed Danny Glover, for fear of appearing racist.

“Is that Danny Glover?” one partygoer asked, spying theLethal Weapon actor from across the room. “It sure looks like him. But I’m not sure. I can’t just go over and say I really like his work if it’s not him.”

“I talked to him for five minutes,” another guest said. “We just talked about the weather. I really wanted to tell him I lovedOperation Dumbo Drop, but what if he’s just some black guy? I don’t want him to think I think they all look alike.”

“Sorry, I meant African-American, not black. Right? Oh god,” he added.

While some partygoers did mingle with the actor, they mostly stuck to safe topics and were quick to leave the conversation.

“I even tried introducing myself,” another person at the party said. “He just said, ‘Hi, nice to meet you,’ but he never gave his name. I would totally ask if it’s really him, but that would be, uh, rude.”

Danny Glover, who has also appeared in The Royal Tenenbaums and Predator 2, was mystified why not one person mentioned any of his films.

“I don’t get it,” the Angels in the Outfield star said. “Don’t people recognize me? I’ve been in a ton of movies!”

“I might just need to call Mel and do Lethal Weapon 5. But man, I’m too old for this s—”


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