Coworker Keeps Mentioning Party To People She Doesn’t Plan On Inviting

Little does she know that guy is a magician who does great party tricks

HARRISBURG, PA – Office assistant Amy Wilcox keeps mentioning her upcoming Christmas party to her coworkers, despite the fact she has no intention of inviting them to her event. “I’m thinking of baking some cookies for my party,” Amy told Greg Simmons, a financial analyst who works at a nearby cubicle. “But do you think I should do gingerbread men or just sugar cookies in Christmas-y shapes?”

“What’s she asking me for?” Simmons told reporters later. “I’m not even going to get to enjoy those cookies. I told her gingerbread because I hate gingerbread cookies.”

“I hope her guests hate them, too,” he added.

Everywhere Amy went she couldn’t help but bring up her party she is hosting this coming Saturday night. “At our lunch room Amy was telling me about all the decorations she’s going to hang,” Melanie Torres, another office administrator, said. “I know I shouldn’t care about this party. It’s not like Amy and I are really friends. But still.”

“I think I’ll start off with some classic holiday songs,” Amy said to no one in particular but loud enough so the rest of the room could hear. “Then as the night gets going move into some more recent hits. Maybe I should go on iTunes today,” she added, while the rest of the office rolled their eyes and tried to get their work done.

“All week it’s nonstop about her party,” Juan Gonzalez, a temp, said. “It’s getting rude. At this point even if I were invited I wouldn’t go, just out of spite.”

When asked how many people had replied to her RSVP, Amy said she was still waiting on a few people. “I told everyone I know to come, it’ll be a blast,” Amy said. “Right now I have a bunch of ‘Maybes’. If the weather is good this weekend I’m sure they’ll come!”

A blizzard is expected to hit the area on Friday afternoon and last until Sunday morning.


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