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Baby Due December 25th Trying To Wait At Least One Month

The baby was seen starting "War and Peace," which meant he was in it for the long haul.PORTLAND, OR – A baby due to be born on December 25 is doing everything he can to avoid having his birthday on Christmas. Continue reading


Polar Bear Dreaming Of A White Christmas

"Let it snow! Dear God, please let it snow!"

“Best Of The Decade” Lists Only Covers January 2000 Through August 2001

The 2000s: No Jetpacks or Moon Colonies, But Pixar Made Some Good Movies

As 2010 comes to a close, magazines, newspapers, and blogs are releasing their “Best of the Decade” lists, only to realize nothing good happened in the past ten years. Continue reading

Man Beginning To Think He Shouldn’t Have Wrapped Puppy So Early


Area Man Uses Winter As Excuse To Mask Physical Imperfections

He's also missing an ear, but you'd never know.

BOULDER, CO – An area man is thrilled that winter has once again come to pass so he can use hats and scarves to hide his physical imperfections. Continue reading

Partygoers Afraid To Ask Danny Glover If He’s Danny Glover For Fear Of Being Racist

"I loved you in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Mr. Poitier."

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Attendees at a local party here in Hollywood were afraid to ask veteran actor Danny Glover if he was indeed Danny Glover, for fear of appearing racist.

Continue reading

Time Magazine Names Time As “Magazine Of The Year”

They barely beat out TIME For Kids