Movie Review From Guy Who Just Saw “Inception” On An Airplane


LOS ANGELES, CA – G’day, mate! Bill Henderson here, writing to you from LAX where I just touched down. Flew in from Sydney and getting ready to hop another plane to Albuquerque, so you can imagine I’m a little wired from lack of sleep and sitting on a plane for fifteen hours. I also can’t stop thinking about this movie I saw on the flight called Inception. Boy, was it a doozy!

I know people were talking about this a lot over the summer but I never got around to it. The Mrs. said it looked too violent so we saw Despicable Me instead. Loved those little minions. Anywho, I thought I’d check it out on the plane. And let me tell you, this one is a noodle scratcher if I ever saw one.

The story, from what I could tell after some of those little bottles of Jameson they sell, is about people who go into people’s dreams and steal ideas. But then one day the kid fromTitanic, Leo DeCapo or something, gets in trouble and has to put an idea in someone’s head. Leo’s best friend and fellow thief, the kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun, is there. So is theJuno girl. This team has to convince some business guy to sell his company, to make another business guy rich. Everyone says planting an idea in someone’s head is impossible, but Leo says it can be done.

What makes things harder is that Leo’s dead wife follows him into his dreams and tries to kill him. This is a problem because what if she messes up the plan when everyone is inside a dream? My wife keeps telling me I mess up her dreams sometimes, like when I interrupted her getting a massage. She was mad at me the whole day! So throughout the movie theJuno girl tries to help Leo face his dead wife. It’s confusing!

It gets even more complicated when the plan starts. Everyone gets on a flight from Sydney to L.A., which was the flight I was on! I’ll be honest, I did look around to see if Leo was on the plane.

The plan is for everyone to go in one dream, then have someone in the dream fall asleep and start dreaming, then they’ll go into that dream. Then they do that again! And maybe another time, or two? At this point they handed out dinner. I know people say they hate airline food but this was pretty good! It was chicken and rice and the dessert was this little brownie that was delicious.

So why do they go into dreams within dreams within dreams? Beats the heck out of me. I was on my fifth Jameson when they go into the second dream, which is a hotel. There’s a part where, in the first dream, everyone is in a van and the van flips over. So in the second dream in the hotel everyone goes flying, and these two guys are fighting while flying. The special effects were very good and I wish there were more flying fights.

Anyway, I won’t try and explain everything that happens (that would take days!). But at one point the van everyone’s in falls into a rive. This is called a “kick,” and the falling is supposed to wake everyone up from their dream. When the van hit the water we hit some turbulence. We even fell a couple of feet and everyone jumped a little. It was just like the movie! If they turn this into a ride at Disney World they should make the seats fall, like it did for us.

If you see this movie I’m sure you’ll want to talk about the ending. I don’t want to give anything away, but by gosh that whole movie better not have been just a dream! But maybe it was. I was pretty tired and upset that I downed another two Jamesons and fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

Overall, this was a very interesting film. It really makes you think about reality and dreams. There was some good action (like that train! And the guys in the snow!) and the music complemented it nicely. The acting was good but the story was a little too complicated. I give it a seven out of ten.

Looks like my flight is boarding. Until next time…unless this is all just a dream!


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