No One Understands New Advertisement

NEW YORK, NY – Ad agency Ogilvy and Mather released a series of posters yesterday that are leaving consumers scratching their heads.“What are they selling? Coffee?” area man Craig Iverson asked. “I don’t get it. It’s cool, but I don’t get it.”

The mysterious black-and-white ad, which features a shattered French press, is baffling those who try and decipher it.

“This is for a movie right?” local woman Jenny Schiffer said. “Something foreign I bet. It is beautiful to look at, though.”

“We’re glad people are talking about one of our ads,” Ogilvy and Mather spokesperson Amy Griffith said. “We always try and create compelling pieces that will further the brand and stimulate discussion. We hope everyone who sees the ad will go out and buy, you know, that product. Or service. Or something. Look, I’m just a PR person. Can’t we just appreciate the artistry?”

Many have lauded the visual style of the ad and it is already winning various industry awards. The ad is becoming so popular that it can be found on t-shirts and posters found in people’s homes.

Some media analysts speculate the ad is selling some kind of cleaning product, or perhaps it is for the new Starbucks Via, the company’s instant coffee.

However one person claims they know that the ad is all about. Anton Jarvis, a freelance photographer, says he was hired to shoot the photo. “Oh yeah, that’s my picture,” Anton said. “They told me it was for some anti-domestic violence thing. It’s kind of weird that people like it so much.”


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