TV Ads Now Only Seen By JetBlue Passengers

SOMEWHERE OVER TEXAS – Passengers on board JetBlue Flight 1187 to Las Vegas were among the only Americans to watch television commercials yesterday, as they were stuck in the plane watching TV’s without DVR.The discount airline JetBlue, one of the more popular airlines in America, features seats with displays showing DirectTV, the satellite TV provider that broadcasts live channels. The passengers, unable to fast-forward through annoying ads, were forced to sit through commercials for products they will never buy. “I haven’t seen a commercial in years,” Stacy Kimble, in seat 13B, said. “This is torture.”

It is estimated that 95% of ad viewers are stuck on an airplane. TV advertisers admitted that people crammed in JetBlue planes are now their main demographic. “They have nowhere to go,” Stu Tablow, an executive at the ad agency DDBO in New York, said. “It’s perfect, really. We’re trying to cater more towards those passengers.” An ad for Coke, for example, showed thirsty passengers enjoying the beverage on a JetBlue flight.

“I can watch the news and my son can watch cartoons,” Derek Mandale, of seat 4C, said. “But not being able to skip the commercials is awful. Plus, I never realized there’s so much crap on TV.”

“Good thing I have my iPad for movies and books,” Mandale added.


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