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Alcoholic St. Bernard Goes On Fake Calls To Get Drunk

He only drinks Iams brand whiskey


Movie Review From Guy Who Just Saw “Inception” On An Airplane


LOS ANGELES, CA – G’day, mate! Bill Henderson here, writing to you from LAX where I just touched down. Flew in from Sydney and getting ready to hop another plane to Albuquerque, so you can imagine I’m a little wired from lack of sleep and sitting on a plane for fifteen hours. I also can’t stop thinking about this movie I saw on the flight called Inception. Boy, was it a doozy! Continue reading

Son Phones In Thanksgiving Present

Phoned-in artwork

TUSCOLA, IL – Billy Kellerman, 6, is suspected of phoning in his Thanksgiving present to his mom this year.

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No One Understands New Advertisement

NEW YORK, NY – Ad agency Ogilvy and Mather released a series of posters yesterday that are leaving consumers scratching their heads. Continue reading

PSA: Will This Turtle Kill You?

Watch out, he's going to get you! Eventually! Maybe!


In Streamlined Process, Kids Now Bring Teeth To Tooth Fairy


Week Goes From Tuesday To Thursday, No One Notices