Proctologists Find Nothing Funny In Bathroom Humor

DES MOINE, IA – A group of proctolgists and gastroenterologists found no reason to laugh at an upcoming Hollywood comedy which featured numerous scatalogical references.The doctors, who were attending a conference at the nearby Marriott hotel, were randomly selected to be part of a focus group at the local Pleasant Hill Mall to preview the upcoming film Over the Hedge 2: Hedge Fund. The film, a sequel to the 2006 animated comedy Over the Hedge, shows common woodland creatures venturing into the big city to visit a large financial institution that is foreclosing on many of the homes the critters fought against in the original film. The sequel will be in 3D and also blend the animated animals in a live-action environment.

While the group of physicians found the majority of the film amusing, they did not crack a smile at the copious poop and fart jokes. “There’s nothing funny about IBS,” Dr. Arnold Takahashi said, referring to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. At one point in the movie, Floyd Bankfiend, the CEO of the insurance company (played by Brendan Fraser), is slipped a laxative in his coffee by the mischievous raccoon.

“Some of these characters exhibit some frightening symptoms,” Dr. Todd Fitzgerald said. “Kids might think excessive farting is funny, when in fact it is not.” Dr. Fitzgerald recognizes that they are cartoon animals, but he still worries the movie is sending the wrong message. “If you don’t consistently check your stool or monitor your flatulence, you may be in for some serious trouble. Also, skunks don’t fart their smell, they spray it,” the doctor added.

Many in attendance admired the film’s social message, but ultimately they gave the movie poor marks. “We appreciate the feedback we got today,” Trish Goldstein, a marketing director for the film company, said. “We may continue to tweak it a bit. We’re thinking of making one of the animals rap. We hope that will allay some of today’s concerns,” she added.

“Oh yeah, I love rapping animals,” Dr. Takahashi said upon hearing of Goldstein’s remarks. “I don’t care how many poop jokes there are then.”


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