Tumbleweed Reaches California, Unsure Of Next Move

POINT LOMA, CA – A tumbleweed ended its journey when it reached the Pacific Ocean in California, but it was not sure what it would do next. “I thought after I got to California all my troubles would be over,” the tumbleweed said. “The sunshine, the beaches, the opportunities…I thought I would finally make it. Finally settle down,” the weed added. The tumbleweed began his journey somewhere near Amarillo, Texas, it thinks, after a rather fierce dust storm. After staring at the horizon for a good half-hour and ambling to and fro along the shore, the tumbleweed’s restlessness took over. “I think I’ll try my luck in L.A. I guess that’s where the action is,” the collection of brush and dead twigs said. And if things don’t work out there? “I’m a dreamer, you know?” the tumbleweed said. “Maybe I’ll head on over to the East Coast, see what the action is there.”


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