Ragamuffin Becomes Whippersnapper Overnight After Adoption

LONDON, ENGLAND – A scrappy ragamuffin was rescued from the depths of poverty after being adopted by a curmudgeonly yet endearing rich, old fop yesterday, only to turn into a pesky little whippersnapper overnight.The wretched street urchin, who, according to reports, was foul-smelling, rotten, and would pick pockets of proper ladies and gentle-men, was adopted by his hitherto-unknown benefactor who turned out to be a long lost uncle. Once in the safe confines of a manor house, away from the filth and squalor of the soot-stained commoners, the young lad transformed into a bratty, petulant scamp prone to puerile displays of snobbishness and tomfoolery. The young rapscallion, while having shed much of his former uncouth habits and having refined his speech and accent, still acts in ways much to the consternation of the house servants. Noticeably, throwing handfuls of shillings at the staff’s feet and demanding they pick them up and throw them in the estate’s grand fountain. While the lad’s behaviour has amused the benefactor, sources close to the eccentric believe he will engineer a simple plot so the child will receive his comeuppance and get his due. The sources indicate that the old man will throw the boy out into the streets, penniless, then retire to his study, laughing all the while.


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