Squirrel Has Death Wish


4 responses to “Squirrel Has Death Wish

  1. Yo maathi ko lekahk Indra Jyu laai dherai dherai dhanyabaad atinai ramro sabda haru darsaunu bhayeko chha hamile jati nai kamau tara hami nepali bholi hami nepal pharkanunai parchha yo kura sabaile bujna atinai aawasyak chha paisaa bhanne chij ahile chha bhare chhaina bujnelai shreekhanda nabujnelai khurpako bid.

  2. OK. Let’s try again. I am not "secular." I am a person who lives in this world and has hobbies and a job and whatever. Other people in this world also have lives, and sometimes jobs or hobbies or families or whatever. They also (unlike me) believe in invisible sky fairies. They are called "weirdoes." I am not-a-weirdo.The fact that those people think their irrational beliefs deserve a name other than "wishful thinking" and call themselves "religious," or "Jewish" or "Christian;" and because I do not agree with their wishful thinking I am therefore a "heretic" (or "secular") is really of little interest or relevance to me.The kids in your post had (apparently) few hobbies other than internet or playstation or whatever. OK. What does that have to do with believing or not believing in sky-fairies?I mean, sure, religious societies are usually much more regimented than non-religious societies – but that’s because religion is, at its core, about controlling people, and leaving them time to think, and be, and find out what they REALLY want to do is dangerous. And sure, most people, when not regimented, will do little with their lives other than watch tv/hang out with friends/surf the ‘net… and what’s wrong with that?To give you a different spin on it – in North Korea (a country with a high population of irreligious people), people’s lives are filled to the brim: they work, go to rallies, study about The Great Leader ,and have compulsory "hobbies" such as gardening, paving streets, etc. on Sunday. Are you trying to say that that’s better than the above-mentioned TV/internet/Playstation trifecta?Now of course, I’m not saying that religous kids’ lives her are like living in North Korea – I’m just saying that a controlling society controls its population y filling up their lives with activities, mostly oriented around the ideological basis of that control. It’s much harder to fill up a life when you have to do it yourself. Some people take up the challenge – some people don’t. I’m perfectly fine with that.

  3. Quite an interesting blog. It’s a shame there aren’t any new enriets. Which brings me to my question, why have you stopped? I know it could be a bit disappointing not getting a number of readers that you might expect. Nevertheless, I think you should carry on. It’s always nice to read the work of a well educated, agnostic Egyptian. So yeah, please carry on!

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