In New Tell-All, Tiffany Brissette—TV’s Vicki The Robot—Reveals She’s A Real Android

BOULDER, CO – Tiffany Brissette, who played Vicki the Robot on TV’s Small Wonder, revealed that she is in fact an actual android.

In a new memoir published this week titled Beep Boop: My Life As A Robot, Brissette detailed the highs and lows of being a living automoton working in Hollywood. In Small Wonder, Brissette’s played the character of Vicki the Robot, which she called “a natural fit.” In the show, father Ted Lawson creates a robot girl, though a feasible explanation is never given. Still, that didn’t stop hijinks from ensuing on a weekly basis.

Brissette, who was a child star and also appeared in three episodes of Webster, tells stories of life on the set of the show that made her famous. She notes that Dick Christie and Marla Pennington, who played her on-screen parents, constantly asked for more screen time and better lines while Jerry Suprian, who played the son Jaime Lawson, had a crush on her. However, being a robot, Tiffany was unable to experience the human emotion known as “love.”

Most of the book is focused on the fact that Tiffany was not acting on the show, as she really is a robot with super-human powers. According to her memoir, the series took its toll on Tiffany and she eventually became addicted to RAM, once almost overdosing on CPU chips. At one point Tiffany even had a brief and tumultuous relationship with Johnny 5, star of Short Circuit.

Tiffany eventually decided to leave Hollywood behind and try to lead a normal life as a robot in a human world. Tiffany is now a robo-nurse in Colorado.


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