Templar Knight Protests "Ground Zero Mosque"

NEW YORK, NY – One of the few remaining Knight Templars appeared in New York yesterday to protest the proposed Islamic community center to be built two blocks from Ground Zero.

The knight, Godfrey de Payens, belongs to the Order of the Temple, or the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. The Order, created around 1119 A.D., consists of soldiers who fought during the Crusades to reclaim Jerusalem for Christianity. de Payens approved of the protests against the Cordoba House, an Islamic community center that will have a swimming pool, auditorium, and mosque. “I am here to show my support for the protesters and my allegiance to my God and my King,” de Payens exclaimed. “I also hope to catch a Broadway show. Maybe The Lion King or Wicked, if I can get cheap tickets.”


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