"Bling" Newest Fashion Trend To Hit Shark World

ATLANTIC OCEAN – A new fad is sweeping the shark world and most fish agree this trend certainly has bite. Sharks are now attaching “bling”, or jewel studs, to their rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth.

The craze first took off after notorious shark rapper The CarcharoDon, of the rap group Three Six Miles Deep Mafia, attached diamonds to his teeth to signify his wealth and stature. Now sharks all across the ocean are getting “bling.”

“It’s crazy what these guppies are doing nowadays,” Wally, an elderly whale shark said. “It’s like wearing braces, and that was the worst time ever. Who wants to repeat that?” he added.

A young hammerhead named Harry had the opposite view, however, and believed the “bling” would enhance his image. “It’s a lifestyle, you know? The honeys look at my grill and they know I’m for real,” Harry said.

While the look may not appeal to all, the fad has been a boon to some businesses. Larry the Lanternshark, a local orthodontist, has seen an influx in customers. “It’s not really good for the teeth to have the attachments, but it’s not terrible either. So with so many young sharks coming in I’m really making out well,” he said. “And since the rows of teeth fall out all time and are replaced with new ones, I’m making a fortune!”


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