"Shark Week" Producers Desperately Looking For New Angle

SILVER SPRING, MD – Producers of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week”—a week-long event where the television channel’s programming focuses on sharks and human interaction with the animals—are desperately trying to find something new to say about the million-year-old predator. “It’s been twenty-three years,” producer Jason Moskowitz said. “I think we’ve pretty much covered everything. I mean, these fish haven’t changed in over 200 million years.” “Shark Week” debuted in 1987 and has become a mainstay of summer television. To try and keep their programming fresh, the Discovery Channel will send the crews from The Deadliest Catch on the hunt of great white sharks. “We might set the two guys from Dual Survivor on a raft in shark infested water,” Moskowitz said. “But that’s kind of tired. Our ace in the hole is a special premiering on Friday. It’s called Croc Vs. Shark where we pit a crocodile against a shark in a tank to battle it out to the death.” If the program is successful, Moskowitz said, they might up the ante next year and introduce another fearsome predator to face the shark. “I keep pushing for human, but we’ll see. Maybe in a couple of years,” Moskowitz added.


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