Adults Learn About Fun At "Bring Your Parents To Summer Vacation Day"

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ – Seeing an adult play and romp in the sunshine is certainly an odd site, but grown-ups across the country were doing just that yesterday. Children were able to show their moms and dads what life is like for them during the “Take Your Parents To Summer Vacation Day.” The day, an unofficial holiday, gives parents an inside look at a world they have since long forgotten. “It’s nice to give my dad an opportunity to see how we spend our day,” Jamie Tilman, age 8, said. “Sure, we don’t get much actual playtime done, but it’s a nice break in the week.” Parents here were seen playing tag, hopscotch, and waiting for the ice cream truck. At the end of the day it was evident that many parents enjoyed their time and were sad to go back to work the next day. “My dad cried and cried,” Tilman said. “It was kind of cute, knowing he’ll never regain that lost innocence of youth. But there’s always next year.”


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