Newest Blog-to-Book About Oddly Placed Electrical Outlets

NEW YORK, NY – The newest book sensation to hit the publishing world is a blog-to-book called Freaking Outlet and is based on the blog of the same name. The blog, and book, feature photos of electrical outlets placed in out-of-reach positions. Occasionally, a photo will be accompanied by a witty or pun-based quote, usually revolving around not having any power. Freaking Outlet is the latest in the tradition of blog-to-books, a recent trend in publishing many thought was waning. Other books in this genre include LOLCats, Look At This F**king Hipster, Garfield Minus Garfield, Stuff White People Like, S**t My Dad Says, Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves, and This Is Why You’re Fat, among others. Publishing insiders are not sure why the reading public wants to pay for content that is available for free online, but, as one source put it, “we’ll take what we can get.”


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