Vibraphonist Thinks Vibraphones Making A Comeback

SEATTLE, OR – Area musician Larry “Bud” Donovan believes vibraphones, the percussion instrument similar to the xylophone and played with mallets, is making a comeback. “Vibraphones are sweeping the nation, daddio” Donovan said. “It’s the latest craze, baby. Everywhere I go I hear kids spinning Lionel Hampton, Tony Miceli, and Richard Szaniszlo.” Donovan then demonstrated his four-mallet, “Burton Technique” by playing a jazz rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on his vibraphone. “Oh yeah. If you wanna be hip to the jive you better swing with ol’ Bud here, ya dig? Smooth.” Donovan then shook his cup and said all donations are welcome.


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